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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 14, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a surge in violence in oakland has the mayor talking. it's cold out there but not as cold as sunday morning. we'll explain why. we're live in santa clara one of the city's in the bay area that is waiting for the flu to strike. we'll tell you how bad the situation is here. plus how last week's oil tanker accident could lead to permanent changes in the san francisco bay. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. january 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic, steve is here. steve, pam said knock it off with the cold. [ laughter ] she said knock it off. >> slowly. we have enough of a breeze. clear skies and temperatures today will be in the 50s or upper 40s. here is sal. steve, good morning. westbound interstate 80 looks pretty good. also the morning commute is looking good if you are driving on westbound bay bridge approach. it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. in the news this morning gunfire at a birthday party last night capped off yet another violent weekend in oakland. just since friday four people were killed. 11 others were wounded. tom it'll is in oakland -- tara moriarty is in oakland and tells us a surge in violence
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has one city leader calling for a state of emergency. >> reporter: vice mayor larry reid says the city has lost control and calling for a state of emergency. the move would free up mutual aid fronts from the state but his colleagues are not ready to go that far just yet. although they do admit it's terrible and tragic. the latest shooting happened at a birthday party last night. people scattered and ran to neighbor's houses after someone entered the party and started shooting. >> all we can see now they were celebrating a birthday party and unknown person started shooting a gun and five people ended up getting shot. >> reporter: all victims are expected to survive. police don't know if that shooting are connected to friday's mayhem. friday four people were killed during a six hour span that started at 2:30 in the afternoon. the victims ranged in age from
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17-30. and the violence actually led to a conference call between the mayor and oakland police chief. it's also worth noting friday morning oakland police conducted half a dozen high risk warrant searches. the operation was called cease fire and is designed to take guns out of the hands of gang members. coming up we'll tell you where the homicide count stands in oakland so far this year. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty. overnight apartment fire in berkeley has left one man injured. that happened attack ton street and bancroft just before midnight. now the fire started in the apartment of one of the injured man. neighbors called 911 and firefighters quickly rushed to fight the flames. >> front of the apartment was on fire and there was smoke coming out of the attic. there was one person transported to the hospital with minor burns and smoke inhalation. >> the victim was her landlord and lived there for years but
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now he needs to find a new place to live because of the fire damage. cause of that fire is still under investigation. we're going to have a live report coming up at 5:30. time is 5:02. santa cruz police searching for a man that groped a 12-year-old girl. witness took this photo of the suspect running away. there is a police sketch now. the girl was groped on friday as she was walking home from school on walnut avenue. police describe the suspect as latino in his 20s about six feet tall more than 250 pounds and wearing wire rimmed grasses. if you have any information call santa cruz police. marin city man is in jail facing a dozen of charges. 25-year-old jovan jones is accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a woman on saturday night as she was walking into her home. jones was booked on charges that include rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment. california health officials
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are bracing for a rise in new flu patients. ktvu janine de la vega is in santa clara this morning to tell us how bay area hospitals are dealing with this. janine. >> reporter: here at kizer it was very busy over the weekend. a lot of people here in the emergency room with flu like symptoms and respiratory virus. people are being encouraged to get the flu shot. over the weekend masks were given to people in emergency room to keep sickness from spreading. the peak of the flu season is supposed to arrive in california in the coming weeks. the rest of the country has been hit hard. valley medical center is not reporting an uptake in cases just yet. so far the santa clara county department of public health is reporting one severe case of the flu requiring hospitalization. but doctors are urging people not to be complacent. they expect more people to come downdown be fever, aches, sore
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throats and cough. besides being immunized and getting a flu vaccine. one of the best defenses is to wash your happened-- wash your hands. reporting live janine de la vega. vice president joe biden continues his gun violence meetings. this time he will meet with members of congress. tomorrow vice president will give president obama his recommendations for new gun control policies. coming up at 5:15 the national rifle association predicts how congress would vote on an assault weapons ban. one month after the newtown, connecticut school shooting people there are now talking about what should be done with santa hook elementary school. at a meeting yesterday there were differing opinions on whether students and staff should ever go back to the building where a gunman killed 20 first graders and six teachers. some say the school should be torn down, replaced with a memorial to honor those that were killed december 14th.
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>> knock that school down and make it sacred ground. memorial to all the people that were destroyed that day. >> knocking down the school would be knocking down the memories of all the children that went there. >> this coming friday there will be another meeting about the school's future. newtown city leaders hope to make a decision by the spring. large ships could soon face new restrictions when sailing under the bay bridge. it comes when an empty oil tank earn hit a span of the bridge last week. the harbor safety committee is revisiting guidelines about sailing in fog. preliminary recommendations could come in the next few weeks. if you have ridden bart lately you probably noticed you had a lot more company. the surge is nearly three times as high as bart expected.
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bart officials says that means they have increase record is for new trains and expand station platform capacity so riders feel welcome and want to continue using the service. >> very interesting. time now 5:06. it is so cold this morning. sal, says you've got to watch out for black ice. >> right. >> you do. as a matter of fact, it has been one of the commutes where it's popping up in some places. one place we do know of it because chp. that would be 92 and 35. upper skyline. watch for slow traffic in that area. there are no major problems reported with collisions. but chp is asking you to be careful in that area. also the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a nice looking drive so far. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. 5:07 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. well, it's cold out. yesterday was no doubt about it much colder. we had calm conditions. today we had a little bit of a breeze. that easterly breeze is holding
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some of the temps up. also high pressure is building in. you can see that warmer air all the way into alaska. some of this the ridge of high pressure is moving over us for what looks to be a very, very quiet week. temperatures also being held in check. look at fairfield 18 miles an hour out of the north. there is a breeze around here. that is what is holding the temps up. that prompted a cancellation of the frost and freeze advisory. still there are 20s. walnut creek 28 degrees. still 30s and even on the coast half-moon bay at 30s. san jose 39 with that south wind gusting to 20 miles an hour. even though it's colder or warmer you can get that breeze and cut right through you. it will be sunny and colder. tomorrow morning we will lose that little bit of breeze and get back in the 20s. there is no rain in sight until the middle or end of next week. today sunny and breezy. it will be mild over by the coast and around the bay. so upper 40s inland yet 50s for
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some. temperatures will be starting to rebound slowly this week. especially as we get forward wednesday. wednesday-- toward wednesday. hiv scare at a health care center. what will lance armstrong say? new details about his big interview with oprah just a couple hours away. fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. more than 700 patients at a veterans hospital in buffalo, new york have been exposed to hiv hepatitis b and hepatitis c. a va memo is warning there is a small risk for diabetic patients that have been exposed to reused insulin needles between october 2010 and november 2012. the health scare has the attention of at least one lawmaker in new york state. >> they obviously change the needle each time but they should have been putting a patients name on the cartridge so it would never be used with someone else. >> the va's office in buffalo is offering free blood test to anyone who is worried they may have been exposed. time is 5:12. vice president joe biden continues his gun violence meeting. they will get input from members of congress. the vice president is due to meet with them at 8:00 our
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time. this follows last weeks meetings with gun owners, victim of gun violence, and representatives of the entertainment industry. the vice president says he will give president obama his gun policy recommendations tomorrow. ahead of the national rifle association predicts congress will not pass a ban on assault weapons. >> you don't want to put your -- you don't want to bet your house on the outcome. i would say the likelihood is they won't be able to get an assault weapons ban. >> so far the nra has blocked package of another assault weapons ban like the one that expired in 2004. however some lawmakers say the american people are ready for tougher gun laws after the connecticut school shooting. san francisco unified school district is planning drills so that their students and staff can practice on how to respond to a potential shooting on campus. the examiner reports it's all in the wake of the school shooting. also in a few months digital floor plans of all san
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francisco public schools will reportedly be made available to the police. police say police officers will go through training after new guidelines are set up. a date for that school drill has not been scheduled opinion lance armstrong says he's ready to speak candiddedly with his interview with oprah today. armstrong says he will answer the questions directly and honestly. now it's widely believed that armstrong will confess to taking performance enhancing drugs. the interview is scheduled to be broadcast on thursday. san francisco has come down with 49er fever. coming up at 5:23 what fans are stocking up on as the team prepares for the nfc championship game. time now 5:14. redwood city council will hear a set of appeals tonight for new costco gas pumps. it allows costco to raise
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prices between 12-15 pumping stations. the owner of gas n shop says it's not fair that costco sales cheaper gasoline and allowing them to expand sanctions a monopoly. gasoline prices have started to move up again. the lundberg report says they have jumped seven cents in the last three weeks. aaa reports know leo call gas prices are up a nickel a gallon in the past month preponderate the exception is san francisco. the gas price of regular is up just a penny since mid december. 5:14 is the time. let's check back in with sal. sal. >> one of the ways people fight gas prices is get on the road early and not be stuck in slow traffic. right now would be a good time to do that as we look at the pictures for you. this is a look at interstate 880. the traffic looks good in both directions past the coliseum. going to get up there early
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because the traffic does begin to slow a little bit later. also the morning commute is good at the toll plaza right now. probably won't stay this way. more schools are back this week after winter break and you can see the traffic is still light at the toll plaza. if you are driving on the peninsula chp had been reporting black ice on 92 near 35. upper skyline. watch it in that area. could have melted. you just want to be extra careful through this area. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. kind of confusing. the freeze warning is canceled for most of the bay. some of the interior valleys will have some. it's still cold. there is enough of a breeze that is holding temperatures up. the overnight lows could be anywhere from 24-44. yesterday it was definitely colder. no doubt about it. tomorrow we might dip back in there with more 20s. there is more we'll and northerly breeze to keep things stirred up. it will be sunny today. offshore breeze san jose with a little easterly breeze. north breeze at travis.
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fairfield at 1 miles an hour. there are things that are holding up a little bit. there is still upper 20s. i know there is a few around. yesterday morning there were a lot more. it's about ten degrees warmer in parts of san francisco. that breeze has picked things up. that cold air is really tough to budge here. i think inland temps will continue to struggle. upper 40s or very low 50s. there will still be some areas of frost. sunny and breezy. a cold morning. the easterly breeze or northerly breeze that equals 50s for some. oakland downtown north wind for santa rosa if it develops. and 49 livermore to 54 half- moon bay. there will be a little bit of a difference here. it does look warmer. overnight lows will be on the chilly side. >> thank you, steve. the head of the chicago federal reserve expects the u.s. economy to grow 2.5% this year. he says it will improve to 3.5%
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next year. charles evans says unemployment this year will fall below 7.5 pest and slip to 7% next year. he made his comments at the agent final forum in hong kong this morning. china shanghai index jumped 3% after regulators there says china will open its markets to foreign investors. european markets starting today higher. as we check in on our numbers where we start the day, does look like a pretty good opening across the board. actually right now the future is dipping town a bit. maybe a lower opening for the dough. but waiting for bernanke after the close today little gains on
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friday. what they are staling that may surprise you. how birthrates in colds are changing. >> you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the top stories that develop while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone. every weekday morning 6:00 a.m.. get your ktvu morning wake up call by texting the word wake up to 70123.
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welcome back to the county vue channel 2 morning -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. hot, windy conditions are fueling wild fires in australia. more than 100 fires are reportedly burning in new south wales the country's most populated state. one of the largest fires has forced the evacuations of a mountain top observatory that houses more than a dozen giant telescopes. so far the fires have destroy the more than 100 homes. police in southern california are seeing a rise in plastic thefts. they say thieves are stealing crates, palettes and -- the orange county register reports thousands of them are being stolen adding up to $5 million worth a year. midsee no county authority -- mendocino county authorities are preparing for a court
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battle ordering them to turn over the medical marijuana permitting program. now attorneys for the county say patient confidentiality would be breeched. mendocino county collected $630 thursday in permit fees from as many as $500 people licensed as medical marijuana growers in 2010 and 2011 san francisco as you know has playoff fever. the 49ers getting ready to play the atlanta falcons for the right to go to the super bowl. the falcons got to the nfc championship game by beating the seattle sea hawks on this late field goal after they gave up a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter. falcons are the number one seed to 49ers have to go to atlanta to play sunday nights game. sports stores were busy this weekend. fans were buying any 49er gear they could find especial lip those collin kaepernick jerseys. >> not taking anything away from alex smith but i think
5:25 am
harbaugh made the right choice at the right time. i think he's like the quarterback of the future. >> collin kaepernick there his touchdown celebration has sparked a new trend it's called kaepernicking. he flexes his arm, and kisses his bicep. it's said to be a reaction to a november sporting news column that criticized his tattoos. he has retweeted several pictures of fans giving their take on kaepernicking. the 49ers and falcons will play sunday. you can see it right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins after mornings on 2 with nfl championship chase that is at 10:00 a.m.. the kick off for the game is just after noon. you can find more on the 49ers super bowl quest on the nfl playoff tab right there at the afc championship game is also sunday and will be a rematch of lasteer's afc game.
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the new england path yachts -- patriots will play the ravens. time now 5:24. fewer children are born in california. between 2000 and 2010 california had the third biggest drop in population of children under the age of ten. another 2% drop is expected over the next ten years. now that is all according to a new report by the lou sill pack hard foundation for children's health. california's birthrate has slipped just under the replacement level. the concern is -- 5:25 is the time. let's check in with sal on the morning commute. you're starting in san francisco, sal. >> that is right. northbound 101 looking pretty good in san francisco. and if you are going on southbound 101 let's say you're trying to get to the peninsula,
5:27 am
should be a pretty decent drive for you. northbound 280 extension looks pretty good. this morning we are looking at the sunol grade and southbound 680 traffic. and no trouble westbound 580 getting up to the dublin area. we're also looking at the peninsula where we've had black ice in some areas. and across the bay we haven't had any reports of that. for the santa clara valley northbound 880 approaching the -- sorry southbound 880 approaching the airport watch out for a crash there on the shoulder. 5:25 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. another cold morning. not as cold. there is enough of a breeze. no doubt about it holding temps up. there were some 20s. livermore 29. 28 by walnut creek. 26 huer run da. easterly breeze kind of helping a little bit. it will be sunny today and nice. but it takes awhile to get going with temperatures inland upper 40s and low 50s.
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by the coast mid 50s. >> thank you, steve. time now 5:26. the head of the chicago federal reserve expects u.s. economy to grow 2.5% this year. we'll have more on that coming up. also roll out the red carpet it is award season in holly world. film and television stars were honored. we'll show you the best moments of the ceremony in a live report from los angeles. the first of its kind event is getting ready take place in marin county. we'll tell you about that. and a berkeley man is recovering after fire breaks out inside his apartment. we'll tell you what some of his neighbors say may have saved his life. droid dna augmentation initiated.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's monday, january 14th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is just about 5:30. let's check with steve paulson. definitely freezing. >> not as cold as sunday. there is enough of a breeze be it a north wind or east wind that is holding temps up here. i know it's still cold. a lot of 30s in there. upper 20s. there are a few. today it's more 30s. it will be sunny though and a little warmer. here is sal. good morning. right now 880 looks pretty
5:32 am
good. no problems get into downtown oakland. pretty cold out there. we had reports of black ice on certain roads. just be careful. san mateo bridge traffic looks good. at 5:30 let's go back to the desk. in overnight news a berkeley man was injured in a fire inside his apartment. this was on the corn i of alabama ton and bancroft. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge joins us from the apartment complex with more on the victim and the damage to his home. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors say the man that was hurt in this early morning fire is the landlord of this five unit apartment complex. the fire broke out here in his front unit where as you can see firefighters had quite a bit of work to do this morning as they pulled out debris. this is some of the degree that was pulled out. this call came in just about midnight. the fire was burning here on acton street. firefighters say when they got here they saw a man suffering from smoke inhalation and minor burns. he was trying to put the fire
5:33 am
out himself with a hose. as flamesser to through his apartment neighbors heard him screaming for help. one woman described what he heard and did. >> i just heard some popping sounds and then i heard him yelling call 911. and so that's what i did. >> reporter: the chief out here told ktvu this fire at this point doesn't appear to be suspicious. there will of course be an investigation to figure out exactly how it started. a neighbor says the man who was injured in this fire has lived here in this apartment for decades. now because of the heavy damage to the unit, he will be looking for another place to live this morning. live this morning in berkeley alex savidge. time now 5:32. one oakland city leader calling for a state of emergency in oakland after another violent weekend in the city. four people were killed. 11 others were wounded just since friday. ktvu tara moriarty is in oakland now.
5:34 am
she tells us the latest shooting happened last night at a birthday party. what happened? >> reporter: we're not even halfway through the first month of the year and already the city of oakland has six homicides. the vice mayor says he believes the city has lost control and needs to declare a state of emergency. he says the move would free up mutual aid funds from the state. his colleagues seem to think it's not that dire just yet. although they do admit it's tragic. the latest shooting happened at a birthday party last night. people scattered and ran to neighbors house after someone entered the party and started shooting. >> the victims went inside of a house seeking refuge on the people that were shooting them. officers responded and found five victims suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police don't know if last nights shooting as well as others on saturday and sunday that left six more people wounded are connected to friday's mayhem. friday saw a bloody six hour
5:35 am
stretch that left four people dead. the victims ranged in age from 17 to 30 years old. the violence led to a conference call between the mayor and police chief. we're not sure if jean quan and howard jordan will hold a press conference today. we know friday morning ktvu crew was the only ones on hand when they executed search warrants. it's called cease fire. it's designed to take guns out of the hands of gang members. we will check in with police and let you know what they have to say about this. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:33. tomorrow in marin county you can trade in old guns in exchange for cash. the county is providing $40,000 for a four-county gun buy back event. they will pay $200 for semi automatic weapons and $100 for
5:36 am
other guns. between 11:00 in the morning until 8:00 p.m.. this is for people in marin, san francisco, and contra costa county. thousands of people waited in long lines to go to a gun show. coming up why officials say they are expecting to break records there and how the president may have something to do with it. six people in san jose are homeless after a fire in the eastern foothills. now the fire was reported just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon at a home. the home was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived. no one was hurt. the people who live in the house say they did have a fire in the fireplace and investigators believe the fire likely started on the roof. time now 5:35. there should be no more delays for a closed runway at san francisco international
5:37 am
airport. runway 2 will open -- including improvements and to lighting and navigational aids. the closure costs some brief flight delays. this by the way was the first of three weekend closures expected this month. it's a big time of year in hollywood. the biggest stars in film and television gathered last night for the golden globes. jd carter is in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. that is right. you know how excited we get down here in southern california. last nights main event was the 70th annual golden globes. it was a night filled with fun, surprises, and nothing was missed. take a look at the highlights. a night of stars, surprises, and so what to oscars. >> argo. >> argo won the top award for film and ben affleck scored
5:38 am
best director for the film. >> i don't care what the best award is when they put your name next to the names they read off is amazing. >> thank you for this lovely blunt object that i will forever more use as a weapon against self-doubt. >> reporter: zero dark 30 jessica won for best actress. it was a two-fold surprise for steven spielberg epic lincoln failing to win out of seven categories. the second surprise a film introduction by former president bill clinton. >> wow. what an exciting special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband. >> reporter: amy and tina hosted the affair and also
5:39 am
nominees but in the end lena won. >> everybody is getting a little look last now that we're all losers. >> yeah congratulations lena. glad we got you through middle school. >> and for the second year in a row homeland prevailed in the drama category scoring best drama and best actor and actress. jody foster received the see sill b awards. the golden globes are first award show of the season. >> reporter: and of course the next big award show coming up is the screen actor guild awards on the 27th of january and eventually down the road the granddaddy of them all the oscars on the 24th of february. >> thank you for that. we have a complete list of the golden globe winners and pictures. you know you want to see them. it's on our website just click on the golden globes tab. that is what we like to see.
5:40 am
who is wearing what. time now 5:38. i want to know what is on sal's mind and what is happening in our commute. >> you know right now we're getting a little warm the up there. more people are hitting the roads. we'll be out there looking at it for you. let's start with highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. it's a nice looking drive. you can tell there is a lot more people and some of the schools are back this week after winter break. that will put more pressure on the morning commute. also the morning drive is going to be busy at the toll plaza but not stop and go. some of the outside lanes are getting a little bit of a crowd. if you're driving across the san mateo or dumbarton bridge over to the peninsula the traffic there looks good. let's go to steve. thank you. another cold one out there. not as cold. there is a lot of 20s showing up now. palo alto and menlo park. san jose and santa clara 29 degrees. plenty in the santa cruz mountains. some of that cold air is going toward capitola and santa cruz.
5:41 am
freeze warning canceled for most of the area. there is still some out interior valleys. especially down toward santa cruz and monterey. 36 in monterey. that is cold. clear skies. that is the good news. what's the bad news? it's still cold out there. it will struggle to warm up. livermore calm. there is very cool readings over at half-moon bay. i know the city has dropped to 40. our observer mike says the wind tailed off and they are 40. a lot of low 30s. also novato. and some of the temperatures as the wind picks up and goes back into the 30s. there is 20s. sunny today. it's just cold air is tough to budge. it will be here through
5:42 am
probably midweek. then temperatures in the afternoon will get into low 60s. today and tomorrow i mean today is held up by the breeze. 50s if you get a north wind and 55 santa rosa if not a little easterly breeze means it's really cold out toward the valley be along the coast a little bit better. more so as we head toward wednesday. overnight rows will be in the 20s. does look sunny and mild to warmer. time now 5:40. despite california's bitter cold weather the citrus crops are pulling through. they were able to prevent a lot of damage to orange and lemon groves over the chilly weekend. the map door run oranges which are more vulnerable to the cold they may be damaged. you can follow steve and the rest of our talented meteorologists online. they post your forecast updates on twitter an facebook.
5:43 am
>> you should definitely follow them on twitter. 5:41 is the time. big announcement from the royal palace. the news just released a short time ago about duchess kate and the baby. ing in e has a -- pg&e has a new public stand. we're getting a little more crowded on bay area roads. live look at 237. you can see more cars joining us.
5:44 am
5:45 am
it's clear out there. some form of breeze holding temps up a little bit. still 20s and 30s. we'll have highs today. lots of sunshine. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44.
5:46 am
one oakland city leader calling for a state of emergency after another violent weekend in the city. four people were killed. 11 others have been wounded since friday. the most recent shootings happened last night was at a birthday party. later this morning vice president joe biden will sit down with members of congress getting their input on new policies. the vice president will give his recommendations to president obama tomorrow. california health officials are gearing up for a rise in new flu patients. over the weekend bay area hospitals say their emergency rooms were crowding. the health department says things will only get worse. new this morning a somali militant group posted photos of a dead french soldier. now troops launched an attack on a compound in somalia where
5:47 am
french intelligent agent was believed to be held hostage. a french soldier was killed in the attack another reported missing. president obama released a statement yesterday saying u.s. forces provided limited technical support for the operation rescue. now the u.s. is also helping france with its military operation in mali. since friday french forces have been launching air strikes against al qaeda linked islamic extremists who have taken over the northern part of the country. reportedly just today the islamic extremists took over another town. they are providing the military with communication and transportation support. inauguration day is one week from today. this was the scene of the streets of washington, d.c. yesterday. there was a rehearsal parade along with a mock swearing in
5:48 am
ceremony. president obama second inauguration is going to be smaller than his historic first swearing in. the turnout is expected to be between 600 and 800,000 people but that does compare to a record 1.8 million people four years ago. ktvu tori campbell and ken will be reporting live from the inauguration starting next sunday morning and continuing with live reports during the festivities on monday the 21st and tuesday the 22nd. time is 5:46. the fear of new gun control laws brought big crowds out to a gun show in daly city over the weekend. on saturday and sunday, look, the lines outside the cal palace wrapped around the building. ammunition was a popular item. this comes after state assembly members proposed a bullet control bill. and tomorrow president obama is scheduled to offer gun control -- vice president joe biden is expected to offer gun control recommendations after the
5:49 am
newtown school shooting in connecticut. pg&e is defending pipeline testing that occurred before the 2010 pipeline disaster in san bruno. pg&e lawyers are claiming the program measured up to gas industry standards. if that claim is reportedly part of pg&e effort to minimize the expected huge fines for the explosion and fire where eight people were killed. 38 homes were destroyed. earlier pg&e executives admitted there were problems with their pipeline testing and maintenance before the disaster in san bruno. also new this morning we are learning more about when the royal couple is expecting their first baby. just a short time ago they announced the due date is expected sometime in july. we are learning duchess kate's condition is improving after she was hospitalized last month for acute morning sickness. time now 5:48. let's get everybody out the door. sal, you're watching the roads and toll plaza. >> that is right.
5:50 am
we're looking a the the very important toll plaza. this is where we start to see what kind of commute we're going to have. already slowing here in some of the left lanes. still okay in the middle fast track lanes. by 6:15 this will change quite a bit. if you're driving on interstate 880 up and down the nimitz freeway it does look pretty good. no problems on westbound 580 the mccarthur freeway. and the morning drive is going to be okay on the peninsula. we did have black ice reported on 92 near skyline. that has been the cars have been driving through. we had someone drive through and say he didn't see any problems. just be careful in that area in general. 5:49 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. it's not as cold this morning as it was sunday. his know it's still very, very cold. there is enough of a breeze holding some temps up. if a wind dies down and the temp drops about five degrees. it only takes a couple minutes. overnight lows 20s and 30s and
5:51 am
40s. it will be clear today. we got a little bit of a northerly breeze. gusting to 60 miles an hour. there is also a lot of very warm air to the north. beginning to move over us. there is enough of a breeze for many here that is holding temps up. about five to seven degrees. still 20s or 30s. even on the coast. down to santa cruz 30 degrees. even upper 20s around san jose. there are pockets where there is still 20s. but everything says sunshine today and severe clear as we like to say with that offshore breeze. a lot of cold inland makes it okay to warm up. because it's more of an
5:52 am
offshore breeze. sunny today and windy. it's 11 below in truckee. nine below in south lake tahoe. 40s to mid 50s. we'll get into the low 60s on the high side. the lows should come up a tad but not a lot. it will still be pretty cold. >> thank you, steve. apple has sharply cut its orders for lcd panels used in the iphone five. japan leading business newspaper reports lower than expected demand has led apple to cut the order nearly in half. ateleioses two japanese plants say they are seeing production by as much as 80%. apple not commenting. there is nobody else hidden away on some other floor. there is just us. >> the dramatic recreation of the search for osama bin laden was a big hit at the box office. haunt the house came in second
5:53 am
in its debut weekend. gangster squad was a disappointing third. time now 5:51. new plans for the man who says his name is famous for internet security. where john mcafee is living now. plus can the career of giants relief pitcher brian wilson be saved? and could it happen in another city? hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
5:54 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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good morning. 20s and 30s. a little bit warmer. relatively speaking compared to sunday. highs today upper 40s and low to mid 50s. house of representatives will vote on part two for victims of super storm sandy. house speaker john boehner started the bill. democratic and republican members of congress from new york and new jersey said victims of sandy are tired of waiting for help. the legislation provides $50 billion in aid. john mcafee has made a new home in portland, oregon. he was the focus of a man hunt last year in belize following the death of his neighbor. authorities say mcafee was a person of interest in the case but never charged. he fled belize for guatemala
5:57 am
and returned to the united states. mcafee told portland local paper he's working on a graphic novel about his life. later today two men allegedly involved with a deadly shootings of two teenage girls in oakland are due in court. the accused gunman 18-year-old deonte powell is charged with two coups of murder. edwards faces charges as an accessory for allegedly driving powell from the crime scene. investigators say he shot and killed 15-year-old rakell and 16-year-old bobby satan in oakland. both suspects will enter pleas today. people living in one sonoma county city can expect to see big increases in their water rates. city of clover dale has had the lowest water and sewer rates in the county. but now they are asking for a 67% increase in water bills and 25% increases for sewage. it could take effect as early
5:58 am
as april. it would raise the average monthly bill from $59 to about $91. there will be public hearings before it becomes official. brian wilson could be moving to the east coast. according to multiple reports, the closer worked out privately for the new york mets over the weekend. he is a free agent. he did help the giants win the world series in 2010 but in 2012 he only made two appearances before having season ending tommy john surgery. he's still rehabbing and expected to start throwing off of a mound in june. sal, what do you see in the south bay? >> we are looking at the 280 freeway which is one of the workhorse there is. a lot of people use it. northbound 280 getting top 17 that traffic is -- getting up to 17 that traffic is still doing well. also on the commute on the peninsula we've had reports of black ice have been circling this year. chp has been reporting it on 92
5:59 am
between half-moon bay and the 280 freeway in san mateo county. be careful there. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. coming up next in our 6:00 hour. five people injured at a birthday party and it caps off a violent weekend in oakland. what one city leader says must be done to restore order. also businesses booming at bart. why that may not be good news if you're a commuter. good morning. it's cold out there. even 30s on the coast. temperatures will warm up a little by the bay. we'll have that story coming up.


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